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Making Your Property Rent Ready

We are committed to providing safe, clean, and properly maintained homes to our residents.

In order to comply with the Florida Warranty of Habitability (Florida Revised Statutes 83.201), Florida judicial law, and Ibero Property Management standards, the below items must be completed before we will advertise and rent a property.

Property professionally cleaned and free of trash and debris, inside and outside.

HVAC system to be in good operating condition, with a new filter installed.

All mechanical elements including appliances operating as designed.

Caulking in kitchen and bathrooms shall be clean and free of mildew.

Doors and locks all functioning properly.

Windows must open, close, and lock properly and window screens be in good condition.

Window coverings functioning (opening and closing properly). No broken or missing blinds, old or worn drapes removed/replaced, and curtain rods well anchored.

Painted wall surfaces in good condition free of nail holes, scuffs, mis-matched touch ups, and/or scratches.

Carpet professionally steam cleaned or replaced if too heavily stained.

Electrical outlets, switches, and light fixtures/ceiling fans all working properly.

All light bulbs functional and matching

Locks rekeyed between tenancy.

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors installed per state requirements.

No personal property or items in the unit. This includes furniture, knickknacks, toiletries, shower curtains, Kleenex boxes, kitchen or bathroom items, soap dispenser, pictures, lawn equipment, lawn mowers, tools, etc.

The above is a summary of most of the items we evaluate, not a complete list.