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Put The Management Of Your Community Association On Remote Control!


Put the management of your community association on remote control! Let Ibero Property Management and its experienced staff provide hands-on, day-to-day management for your community association.
As your management company, our team of professional managers will oversee the entire operation and provide peace of mind to the board of Directors and homeowners.
See below the list of commitments Ibero promises to give.

Professionally maintenance of your community buildings

Landscaping and irrigation management

Attend and prepare minutes of Board meetings and meetings of the membership

Process architectural control applications submitted by your community’s homeowners.

provide accounting services, including the preparation of monthly financial statements

Spearheaded collection of HOA assessments

Overseas the association’s legal service providers

Ensure and monitor all compliance with your community’s deed restrictions

Enforce those restrictions as requested by your association’s Board

With Ibero Property Management as your management partner, you will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the needs of your community are well cared for under our control. Our dedicated staff of professionals will customize a management plan that will ensure the success of your community as the success of your community is our only primary goal!


When it comes to community maintenance issues, Ibero staff excels

Our executive management staff has significant experience in the development of residential communities and this knowledge plays an important role when it comes to recognizing and rectifying problems with community infrastructure and maintaining the community’s curb appeal. Other management companies will assign a manager but are incapable of providing that manager with the support necessary to successfully address the multitude of maintenance issues the community may face. We see community management as a team effort, and our managers can draw on relevant experience anywhere in the organization for the benefit of the client community.
In the communities we manage, maintenance issues are handled smoothly, always protecting the interests of our clients. With our In-House maintenance division, our well-qualified team of Maintenance technicians can quickly solve any issue with reasonable time and cost-effective solutions. Many of our services include:

Painting projects

pressure washing

sign installation

Fence Repairs

Pressure cleaning

General Cleaning




Grounds Keepers

Sidewalk Concrete Repairs

Pool Maintenance and Upkeep

These are just some of the many services that Ibero Maintenance can provide Ibero Property Management prides itself in nurturing the best relationships with the most skilled and professional team of vendors that has aligned themselves with our company for many years. At Ibero, we protect our client’s interests by utilizing a purchase order system or Requests for Proposal (RFPs) when contracting with outside vendors. This ensures that the client benefits from the most favorable contract terms, on forms drafted by an attorney. Many attorney-drafted forms are available for community use without additional cost.


The primary function of any community association is to enforce its governing documents.

The association’s board of directors must ensure that members of the association comply with the provisions of the community declaration, articles of incorporation, and association bylaws. This can be a daunting task because it places board members in a position where they must police the behavior of their neighbors. That’s where Terra comes in!
The manager assigned to your community will not only perform regular inspections of the common areas but will also inspect homes and lots within the community to ensure compliance with your governing documents. This includes conformity with architectural restrictions, landscaping standards, and standards regulating the behavior of community members, such as leashing pets, nuisance behavior, speeding, and use of community facilities.
We will assist you in establishing a written plan for your community setting forth exactly how compliance matters will be handled. We will coordinate the establishment of a compliance committee that can hear member appeals. We will correspond with members of your community advising of violations, and we manage the entire compliance process from initial notification of violation through levy of a fine for non-compliant behavior. In rare cases where the services of an attorney become necessary, we manage that process too. Board members, and community members, will be able to rest assured that their property values are being protected by the vigilant enforcement of the community’s governing documents.

Accounting Services

Ibero Property Management Services stands ready to meet the accounting needs of your community association. Our professional accounting staff will do all the work for you.

Each month we will provide the Board with the financial information it needs in a simple, easy-to
follow format. We will tailor your reports to meet the needs of your association. Our dedicated staff will be available to answer your questions and provide the information necessary to have a clear understanding of your organization’s financial position. We will provide accounting services in the following areas:

Maintaining assessment rolls

Invoice or coupon billing

Collection and deposit of assessments into bank accounts

Oversight of collection and lien filing

Preparation of monthly financial statements

Preparation of yearend financial statements for distribution

Supporting financial reports including cash receipts and cash disbursement registers

Accounts Receivable

Bank Reconciliations

Annual operating budget preparation and distribution

Association Governance

The Board of Directors obtains its authority to govern from the community’s Restrictive Covenants, Articles and Bylaws. These documents establish the framework within which the community operates. Adherence to their provisions is a critical component in the successful administration of any community. Ibero assigned manager will become familiar with the covenants, rules, and regulations governing your community and ensure their practical application. In carrying out its responsibilities, Ibero may provide the following services, amongst others:

Administer the Declaration, Articles, Bylaws, Architectural Standards, and Community Rules and Regulations.

Provide advice and consultation to the Board of Directors and committee members.

Preparation of periodic Management Reports for the Association Board summarizing significant events and actions.

Prepare meeting schedules, notices, agendas and minutes for Board meetings and the annual meeting of the membership.

Coordinate and moderate meetings and oversee elections to ensure compliance with all applicable procedural requirements.

Facilitate communications between the members and the Board.

Assist the Board in making amendments or supplements to the Association documents.

Make corporate annual report filing with the Florida Department of State.

Coordinate General Liability, Property and Directors’ and Officers’ Liability insurance.