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Real Estate

Multifamily Investment

Since our founding, Ibero has worked with investors on a variety of multi-family property deals, ranging anywhere from an 8-unit building to entire portfolios. We specialize in stabilizing and repositioning A, B and C class properties. As an active investment and development participant in the multi-family sector, Ibero has insider knowledge of the market and can aid both buyers and sellers in making the best decision.

Landlord Representation Services

With changing markets and stiff competition, it can be difficult to secure tenants on your own. Through years of refinement, we have conceived a process of creating exclusive and individualized marketing strategies that allowed our landlords to receive top dollar for their spaces. Everyone wants to get the most out of their property. Leave it to Ibero team of professionals to ensure your property is fully leased with high quality tenants.


Craft customized marketing campaign to cater to your property’s unique strengths and make recommendations to boost marketability and curb appeal.

Ibero Property Management corp strives to offer each client unique and customer-tailored marketing to increase interest and drive sales. We make sure not to mold your property to meet our techniques. Instead, we change our tactics to serve you best.

Staging isn’t just for homes. Ibero is a leader in expanding reach through property re-positioning. Utilization of this process can attract interest from an entirely new clientele.

Our growing database houses thousands of potential tenants. By carefully matching our owners to qualified tenants, each party has the highest probability of success.

We know that outreach is a key factor when leasing, so we don’t wait for the phones to ring. With Ibero, you know that there is someone on the front lines actively engaging with likely tenants to minimize downtime of vacant space.

Tenant Representation Services

Here at Ibero , we aren’t just a brokerage firm. We have worked with a number of local and national brands throughout their space search, and we understand the hard work it takes to find the perfect space with the right leasing conditions.

Our brokers evaluate your business’s goals, and from there use research of key demographics and property metrics to find a property that will help you thrive. With Ibero, you know you’ve got someone on your side.



We evaluate company goals and ideals to match tenants with potential markets based on key research and trends.


Within our collection of properties across the southeast, Ibero can find a space suited for your businesses’ needs.


Few properties are perfect from the start. Our network of architects, designers and planners are here to develop your new space while staying on schedule and on budget.


No one wants to sacrifice time with their customers. Our detailed planning process ensures that your business doesn’t experience down time, resulting in a smooth transition and a constant flow of revenue.


The right terms are just as important as the right location. We work with tenants to make sure they get the best possible leasing conditions.

Office Spaces

Retail properties make up a large percentage of commercial properties, and the experts at Ibero have ample experience acquiring new tenants, helping end-users find a new space, and assisting investors in finding the right retail space for their 1031 exchange.

Repositioning can be vital to the resurgence of retail centers, and ibero has worked to redefine these spaces through updated build-out and the introduction of national brands to increase return on investment for property owners. Whether it’s buying a retail center, developing standalone buildings, or leasing, ibero has handled it.

Industrial Spaces

When people think of industrial spaces they tend to think of large warehouses, but Ibero has worked to represent both buyers and sellers for a variety of industrial properties, including trucking and distribution centers. These centers are pivotal to our nation’s supply chain, and the intricacies of finding the right space can be complex. That’s why at Ibero we make sure our industrial properties are given the same attention as our other high-interest listings.